chili cheese sauce – 4x1kg pouch

Art. Nr: 30240

The classic among cheese sauces. This hot-spicy cheese sauce makes every dish a highlight, whether hot dog, sandwich, burger or as a dip-side dish.


rapeseed oil, water, spirit vinegar, chili (4,2%), glucose-fructose-syrup, modified starch, egg yolk, cheese powder (1,8 %), flavouring (contains milk product), salt, preservatives E 202 and E 211, thickening agent E 415, acidification agent E 270, spices

Allergy Ingredients

egg yolk, cheese powder, flavouring (contains milk product)

Individual Solutions

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Nutrition Facts per 100mg / 100ml

Energy 1730 kJ / 419 kcal
Fat 42 g - hereof: saturated fatty acids 3.1 g
Carbohydrates 8.3 g - of which sugars 3.4 g
Roughage 0.1 g
Protein 1.4 g
Salt 1.6 g